What To Expect When Hiring A House Cleaner?

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House Cleaning Services: What to Expect When Hiring A House Cleaner

When hiring a house cleaning service, it is important that you have the right expectations of what your house cleaner will and will not do. If your expectations are more than the service you have ordered, you might be left dissatisfied. This is not your fault nor the cleaner’s fault. It is just a matter of realistic expectations. So, what to expect when hiring a house cleaner?

In this article we are going to walk you through your house, room by room, letting you know exactly what to expect when you hire a house cleaner from NV Maids House Cleaning Service.

The very first thing that ultimately causes the most disappointment when hiring a house cleaner is an expectation that the cleaner will do a “deep cleaning”. A “deep” or “Spring” cleaning is really something that is an additional, occasional service.

A deep cleaning involves a more thorough cleaning. And it takes more time and more cleaners.

When you are hiring a house cleaning service, you should expect a thorough cleaning. But you shouldn’t expect your cleaner to move furniture, scrub walls nor clean the inside and outside of your windows.

These are typically “add on”, once in a while services. Things that wouldn’t normally need to be cleaned on a weekly basis. What you should expect is just that…a routine. A weekly cleaning service that keeps your home clean.

House Cleaning Services Are Routine Maintenance

You can think of it like your car. You take your car to get the oil changed and the tires rotated on a consistent basis…routine maintenance. You don’t take your car in every 3 months for a tune-up. House cleaning services are similar. Routine maintenance with occasional deep cleans.

You’ll also want to tidy up your house. You shouldn’t leave clothes, toys, papers, etc. laying around. We’ll have to do this for you before we can start the service that you’re paying us for. This will take time from us doing the more important, heavier cleaning. And we may not be able to finish your house before we have to leave for our next appointment.

You should clear off vanities, countertops, tables and kitchen islands. Items that normally reside on these surfaces are fine. And expected. But they should be free from clutter so that your house cleaner is able to complete your whole house to your expectations.

What Services To Expect When Cleaning Your Bathroom

What to Expect When Hiring A House Cleaner to Clean Your Bathroom.

Expect your toilet, bathtub and sinks to be scrubbed…if they’re tidy.

When hiring a cleaning service to clean your bathroom, you can expect a thorough, detailed cleaning.

What Not To Expect

What you should not expect is for a cleaning service to remove clutter.

You should pick up dirty clothes and towels from the floor.

The only items you should leave on the vanity are items that reside there permanently.

Hair dryers, hair straighteners, makeup, toys and any other random items should be put away in their permanent storage place before your cleaner arrives.

Not only does this save time, ensuring that your whole house will be cleaned completely, but it also avoids the frustration of not knowing where an item is. Your cleaner might not know where you store these items. And if they are left out, your cleaning service will have to move them before they are able to properly clean the vanity.

You should also remove any children’s toys from the bathtub.

What To Expect

NV Maids House Cleaning service will scrub your toilet, bathtub, sink and vanity. We’ll mop the floor and dispose of the trash. Our cleaners will clean your mirrors. We’ll wipe any cabinets and dust any furniture you may have in your bathroom. We’ll remove cobwebs. Your cleaner will also dust window sills, blinds and vacuum any rugs.

Some things you should not expect on a standard house cleaning service are scrubbing walls, cleaning windows, scrubbing tile grout or any other service that you wouldn’t do on a weekly basis.


What Services To Expect When Cleaning Your Kitchen

What to expect when hiring a house cleaner to clean your kitchen.

You should remove clutter before your house cleaning service arrives to clean your kitchen.

When you hire a house cleaning service, you should expect your kitchen to sparkle. When you come home your kitchen should look and smell immaculate.

You should instantly know that the cleaner has been there and that they’ve cleaned.

What Not To Expect

Removing clutter is not something you should expect your cleaner to do. If you leave clutter, your NV Maids House Cleaning Service cleaner will remove the clutter to the best of their ability.

But this will cost time and there is a chance your cleaner will not be able to clean your entire home to your satisfaction before they have to leave for their next appointment.

Papers, bills, mail, clothes, toys, small appliances and trash should all be removed from countertops, tables, islands and tables prior to your cleaner arriving.

Your cleaner is there to do important cleaning…sanitizing, killing germs and getting rid of dirt and grime. The more laborious tasks.

What To Expect

OK. So you’ve tidied the kitchen. Now, what will the cleaner actually do?

You cleaner will sweep and mop the floors. They’ll vacuum any rugs you may have. They will scrub your counters, islands, range and sinks. You cleaner will dust any furniture and blinds. They’ll remove cobwebs. Your cleaner will dust ceiling fans. They’ll clean sliding doors, your microwave (inside and out) and dispose of the trash. And they’ll clean any other appliance faces including dishwashers and refrigerators.

Should you leave any dirty dishes, you should let us know ahead of time if they are all dishwasher safe. This way your important dishes are not ruined if we run the dishwasher for you.

Some things you should not expect your cleaner to do are clean the inside of the oven, wash windows, pull out the refrigerator and clean behind and under it nor clean the inside of your refrigerator.


What Services To Expect When Cleaning Your Living Areas

What to expect when hiring a house cleaner in your living room.

When hiring a house cleaner, you should remove the clutter so your cleaner can vacuum freely.

When you hire a house cleaner, you want your house cleaned. So you don’t have to do it yourself. Maybe you don’t have the time to clean. Maybe you want more free time. Or maybe you or a loved one are unable to clean.

Getting rid of allergens, dust, dirt and pet hair…especially in your living areas where you spend the most time relaxing…is the main purpose of hiring a house cleaner.

If your cleaner has to pick up and put away toys, clothes, dirty dishes, mail and other items before they can start doing the cleaning you hired them for, there is a chance they won’t be able to complete their cleaning before leaving for their next appointment.

To avoid disappointment, make sure your living areas are tidy before your cleaner arrives so they can complete your cleaning to your expectations and satisfaction.

What Not To Expect

Your cleaner wants nothing more than to exceed your expectations. However, there are some things you should certainly not expect your cleaner to do on every visit. Your cleaner will tidy up any clutter that you leave around in your living areas. But they would much prefer to come in and do the deeper cleaning you expect them to do.

If your cleaner has to spend time removing trash, clothing, toys, pet toys, mail, boxes and random items, they will have less time to complete the more important cleaning tasks.

You should also not expect your cleaner to move any large furniture. Sofas, entertainment centers, bookcases and large tables should not be expected to be moved and cleaned under or behind (if not easily accessible).

What To Expect

When you hire NV maid service to clean your house, your should expect your carpets to be vacuumed and your hard surface area floors to be mopped.

We’ll dust all of your furniture and table tops. Remove cobwebs and dust blinds and ceiling fans (if accessible). Your NV Maid Services cleaner will ensure all mirrors are cleaned.

We’ll straighten up tables, arrange pillows and fold blankets.


When Hiring A House Cleaning Service You Should Expect To Provide The Cleaning Materials

When hiring a cleaning service you should provide the cleaning products.

When hiring a cleaning service your should provide the cleaning products.

When you hire a cleaning service, you should provide the cleaning products to be used in your home.

There are a number of reasons NV Maid Services strongly encourages our clients to provide their preferred cleaning products for us to use to clean your house.

You may prefer all natural cleaning products, green cleaning products or name brand cleaning products. The best way to ensure that your house is cleaned to your expectation is to provide the exact products you would like to be used in your home.

Aside from the actual cleaners, you should also provide buckets, sponges, rags, towels and other items that we use to apply the products.

What to expect when hiring a house cleaner.

You should provide the vacuums, mops and brooms.

You should also provide a vacuum, mops and brooms.

While we have our own cleaning utensils and clean them regularly, we strongly encourage you to provide the items to be used in your home.

Dust, allergens, pet hair and dander are all items that, no matter how often we clean our tools, are things you do not want us dragging from another home and into yours.

This helps keep your house clean and allergy free.


What To Expect When Hiring A House Cleaner

You should expect your house cleaner to do the same tasks you would do on a weekly basis. Deep cleaning is not something that you would do every week. So you shouldn’t expect the same weekly service from your house cleaner.

While your house cleaner will tidy up, it is mutually beneficial if you do that prior to your appointment time so that your cleaner can concentrate on cleaning and not tidying. This way your house cleaner will be able to clean your whole house to your satisfaction.


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What To Expect When Hiring A House Cleaner?

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